The Diablo 3 Economy: An Agent Based Approach

  title={The Diablo 3 Economy: An Agent Based Approach},
  author={M. El-Shagi and G. Schweinitz},
  journal={Computational Economics},
  • M. El-Shagi, G. Schweinitz
  • Published 2016
  • Economics
  • Computational Economics
  • Designers of MMOs such as Diablo 3 face economic problems much like policy makers in the real world, e.g. inflation and distributional issues. Solving economic problems through regular updates (patches) became as important to those games as traditional gameplay issues. In this paper we provide an agent framework inspired by the economic features of Diablo 3 and analyze the effect of monetary policy in the game. Our model reproduces a number of features known from the Diablo 3 economy such as a… CONTINUE READING
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