The Devonian Period

  title={The Devonian Period},
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High-Resolution Late Devonian Magnetostratigraphy From the Canning Basin, Western Australia: A Re-Evaluation

Late Devonian time was a period of rapid upheaval in the Earth system, including climate change, sea level changes, widespread ocean anoxia, and the Frasnian-Famennian mass extinction; the cause(s)

The swimming trace Undichna from the latest Devonian Hangenberg Sandstone equivalent of Morocco

A fossil swimming trace from strata overlying the Hangenberg Black Shale is described, considered here to be the first record of Undichna from the Devonian of Gondwana, as far as the authors know and the oldest record of vertebrate trace fossils from Africa.



Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy


Anchoring the Late Devonian mass extinction in absolute time by integrating climatic controls and radio-isotopic dating

It is confirmed that the succession of events within the Upper Kellwasser event is paced by obliquity, under a low-eccentricity orbit, and astronomical insolation forcing likely contributed to the expansion of ocean anoxia and other environmental perturbations associated with these two crises.