The Devil's Footprints and Other Folklore: Local Legend and Archaeological Evidence in Lancashire

  title={The Devil's Footprints and Other Folklore: Local Legend and Archaeological Evidence in Lancashire},
  author={David A. Barrowclough and John S. Hallam},
  pages={102 - 93}
This study proposes that archaeology should adopt an integrated approach combining archaeology and folklore. As a case study, the legend of “The Devil‘s Footprints on pendle and the stones dropped by him on Apronful Hill” is considered in the context of both the folklore of Lancashire and also the archaeological evidence for rock cut footprints from calderstones and elsewhere in Northern Europe. A possible ancient connection between the two is proposed based upon a close reading of the evidence… 
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is retired Fellow and lecturer in archaeology at Liverpool University and Director of the Central Lancashire Archaeological Research Unit. He is author of The Surviving Past
  • 1998