The Development of a Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow Sensor Applicable to CBM Wellbore Annulus

  title={The Development of a Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow Sensor Applicable to CBM Wellbore Annulus},
  author={Chuan Wu and Guojun Wen and Lei Han and Xiaomin Wu},
  journal={Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)},
The measurement of wellbore annulus gas–liquid two-phase flow in CBM (coalbed methane) wells is of great significance for reasonably developing gas drainage and extraction processes, estimating CBM output, judging the operating conditions of CBM wells and analyzing stratum conditions. Hence, a specially designed sensor is urgently needed for real-time measurement of gas–liquid two-phase flow in CBM wellbore annulus. Existing flow sensors fail to meet the requirements of the operating conditions… Expand
The Development and Test of a Sensor for Measurement of the Working Level of Gas–Liquid Two-Phase Flow in a Coalbed Methane Wellbore Annulus
A new sensor for measuring the working level within a CBM wellbore annulus using a liquid pressure formula, which showed that the sensor could function well in practical conditions and remain stable in the long term. Expand
Experimental study of gas-water two-phase flow patterns in fracture: Implication for enhancing coalbed methane production
  • Qian Wang, Xianbo Su, Feng Yulong, Hao Wang, Jinxing Song
  • Geology
  • 2021
Abstract It has been long considered that the gas and water in coal seam fractures are produced in the form of stratified flow; however, recent researches and production practices have proved thatExpand
Experiment and Numerical Simulation on Gas-Liquid Annular Flow through a Cone Sensor
The results show that the vortex length is shortened in gas-liquid annular flow, compared with that in single-phase gas flow, and this finding highlights the importance of obtaining the low pressure from the back-cone apex, which should be recommended in the multiphase flow measurement. Expand
A dynamic evaluation technique for assessing gas output from coal seams during commingling production within a coalbed methane well: a case study from the Qinshui Basin
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Design of a Centrifugal Force-Based Speed Sensor for Downhole Turbodrills
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Research on the Conductivity-Based Detection Principles of Bubbles in Two-Phase Flows and the Design of a Bubble Sensor for CBM Wells
Findings on the principles of measuring the flow pattern, velocity, and volume of two-phase flow bubbles based on conductivity are reported based on an analysis of the measurement errors and a comparison of existing bubble-measuring devices and the designed sensor. Expand
Multi-parameter detection of two-phase fluid in coal-bed methane wells
In order to find out the variation characteristics and flow laws of two-phase fluid in coalbed methane(CBM)wells,the fluid parameters detector was developed,which had the functions to not onlyExpand
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Development of an Ultrasonic Airflow Measurement Device for Ducted Air
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Calculation of abroad coalbed methane recoverable resources
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Development of the Miniaturized Four-sensor Conductivity Probe and the Signal Processing Scheme
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Geological controls and coalbed methane production potential evaluation: A case study in Liulin area, eastern Ordos Basin, China
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Eddy-current effects in an electromagnetic flowmeter
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