The Development of Literature for Adolescents

  title={The Development of Literature for Adolescents},
  author={Richard S. Alm},
  journal={The School Review},
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  • R. Alm
  • Published 1 April 1956
  • Education, Psychology
  • The School Review
r E WORLD of books for the teen-ager is a l rapidly expanding one. With the availability of countless books written for young readers and with the changed point of view of teachers toward the use of such books, the adolescent of today reads a far different type of fare from that served the adolescent of a few decades ago. Once the subject matter of a literature course in high school consisted of the most famous and revered of English and American literary works. Today the literature program… 


American Children Through Their Books
It is concluded that the American Revolution marked the beginning of the American child's emancipation, and that by 1835 one finds the child emerging as a distinct personality not only in respect to religion but also in education, manners, health and recreation.
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