The Development of High Field Magnets Utilizing Bi-2212 Wind & React Insert Coils

  title={The Development of High Field Magnets Utilizing Bi-2212 Wind & React Insert Coils},
  author={Chris M Friend and Hanping Miao and Yibing B. Huang and Ziad I Melhem and Fred Domptail and Maarten Meinesz and Seung Won Hong and Edward Young and Yifeng Yang},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
Wind & react Bi-2212 inserts have been manufactured and tested inside a wide-bore NbTi - Nb3Sn magnet providing a background field up to 20 T at 4.2 K. A pair of six-layer concentric coils both achieved critical currents of 350 A (JE = 200 A/mm2) in a 20 T background field. A thicker 14-layer insert made from 119 m of round wire had a critical quench current IQ of 287 A (JE = 162 A/mm2) at the same field and contributed to a combined central field of 22.5 T. This is a record for a fully… CONTINUE READING
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