The Development of Ancient Egyptian Royal Inscriptions*

  title={The Development of Ancient Egyptian Royal Inscriptions*},
  author={Shih-wei Hsu},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={269 - 283}
  • S. Hsu
  • Published 1 January 2012
  • History
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
This article examines the development of Ancient Egyptian royal inscriptions from the Old Kingdom up to the Eighteenth Dynasty. It traces the evolution from royal labels, annals, and decrees of the Old Kingdom to the appearance of royal novels (Königsnovellen) in the Middle Kingdom. The turning point lies in the First Intermediate Period, when various elements of the nomarchal biographical inscriptions began to occur in royal inscriptions. Royal inscriptions are classified according to text… 

The Eternal Monument of the Divine King: Monumentality, Reembodiment, and Social Formation in the Decalogue

Author(s): Hogue, Timothy Scott | Advisor(s): Schniedewind, William M | Abstract: The Decalogue was a monumental text. This does not mean that the text was important, enduring, or carved on stone.

Mechanical Engineering in Ancient Egypt, Part 92: Tomb Inscription During the Old Kingdom

This work is based on a previously published hypothesis which proposed that the solid matter of the universe can be represented as a vibrational wave of energy propagating over an ether or matrix

Private or royal: laudatory epithets in Egyptian Middle Kingdom texts

Некоторые из эпитетов, прославляющие египетского царя, не уникальны для царских памятников, их можно встретить в частных автобиографиях рубежа III и II тысячелетий до н. э. Между тем египтологи