The Development Risk Defence of the Consumer Protection Act 1987

  title={The Development Risk Defence of the Consumer Protection Act 1987},
  author={Christopher Newdick},
  journal={The Cambridge Law Journal},
  pages={455 - 476}
  • C. Newdick
  • Published 1 November 1988
  • Law, Business
  • The Cambridge Law Journal
The European Directive on Product Liability introduces a new regime of strict product liability to the member states of the Community. Those injured by products may recover by showing that the product is “defective,” i.e., that it “does not provide the safety which a person is entitled to expect. …” The advantage of this approach for the individual is that liability turns on the existence of a defect alone. Unlike the law of Negligence, no question of foresight of the danger, or of the… 

Commercial Law: Product Liability under the Consumer Protection Act 1987

Introduction The Product Liability Directive was given effect in the United Kingdom via Part I of the Consumer Protection Act 1987. In passing the Act, Parliament took the opportunity to legislate

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Greater clarity and fairness regarding tort and civil liability might encourage sponsors to conduct more trials in pregnant women and more pregnant women to volunteer taking part in research in the knowledge that their children will be compensated if they sustain injuries in utero.



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The findings of the second international study on infarct survival when combined with those of the other trials suggest that all patients with good evidence of acute myocardial infarction and no important contraindications should receive these treatments.

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Better public understanding of the limitations of toxicity testing and the hazards of medication is sorely needed in order to improve the prospects for diseases still needing effective treatments.

Ashington Piggeries v

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