The Developing of Customer Product Recommendation Service System


In recent years, the styles and functions of products have become very diverse due to the rapid advancement of new technologies. Before, customers were finding it hard to decide on what they would need although they have more product knowledge and choices. They were often unable to articulate their needs due to lack of specialized product knowledge, leading to the possibility of buying products that were not ideal. Now, enterprises should offer their assistance to match customer needs to product features, provide customer enquiry services, and create a product database from which more choices can be offered to customers. To this end, this study undertakes to build a customized product recommendation service system that parameterizes customer needs and product features, using the information axiom and the Taguchi method to create the system’s search and evaluation function. In addition, the triangular fuzzy numbers of the fuzzy set theory are used to establish the evaluation algorithms to search for the ideal product for the customer. A case study on the purchase of laptops is used to demonstrate the procedures and methods that lead to the successful purchase of a desired product.

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