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The Destruction of Property and the Radical Nature of the Boston Tea Party

  title={The Destruction of Property and the Radical Nature of the Boston Tea Party},
  author={Holly K Nehls},



Liberty Tree: Ordinary People and the American Revolution

ContentsList of IllustrationsIntroduction: Why Write the History of Ordinary People? Part I. The People Out of DoorsThe Mechanics of the Revolution: "By Hammer and Hand All Arts Do Stand" "Persons of

Rioting in America

The American Revolution marked the beginning of a new era of democracy, but it also marked the start of an era of conflict and revolution.

The Boston Tea Party

" A brilliant and scholarly demonstration of the way a single act of violence can affect the course of history. ... The reasons for the resort to war ... have never been brought into such clear focus

Rebels Rising: Cities and the American Revolution

INTRODUCTION Ch. 1: Port in a Storm Ch. 2: Orderly and Disorderly Mobilization in the Taverns of New York City Ch. 3: "And Yet There is Room": The Religious Landscape of Newport Ch. 4: Changing our

Boston Riots Three Centuries Of Social Violence

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The Urban Crucible: Social Change, Political Consciousness, and the Origins of the American Revolution

For purposes of review it is fruitful to examine Gary B. Nash's The Urban Crucible as if it were two books. One is a complex, largely descriptive study of the social, economic, and political history