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The Design and Recreation of a 17 th Century Taiwanese Junk : A Preliminary Report

  title={The Design and Recreation of a 17 th Century Taiwanese Junk : A Preliminary Report},
  author={Jeng-Horng Chen},
A 17 century trading junk sailing from Taiwan to Nagasaki, Japan was recorded with other junks and Dutch ships by Japanese painters. The City Government of Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan before late 19 century, decided to make a replica of this 30m long ship, named Taiwanese Junk, to promote the spirits of sailing and historical tourism. The design and recreation of this ship has been undergoing for several years based on the Japanese painting as well as knowledge of typical sea-going… 



The Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze

A definitive study of the Yangtze craft, complete with carefully detailed scale drawings, the result of the author's research and experience during his 30-year career as a river inspector in China. A

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