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The Design and Realization on Asterisk PBX

  title={The Design and Realization on Asterisk PBX},
  author={Dai Dan},
  • Dai Dan
  • Published 2010
  • Computer Science
  • In the recent years,along with the increasing process power of computer,people begin to use computer as the PBX(Private Branch eXchange),so as to aquire lots of new additional function as well as lower cost of constucting a PBX.Asterisk is such an"Open Source PBX software",can be used as full featured PBX for enterprises,and is a litter cheaper than other tranditional PBX.Describe the background of Asterisk,the features of Asterisk such as IVR,Voicemail, CDR and Call Center,and show how to… CONTINUE READING

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