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The Design and Application of Reuseable IIRcore

  title={The Design and Application of Reuseable IIRcore},
  author={Deng Yonghai},
  journal={Bulletin of Science and Technology},
  • Deng Yonghai
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Bulletin of Science and Technology
An usual structure of IIR filter which can be implemented on FPGA is proposed in this paper,its characters is that base 2-order section filter can be reused among filters or sections,an embedded multiplier and an adder are reused in the base 2-order section.Filters can be configured to any kind of IIR factors、sections' sequence can be parallel or serial、sections can be decided to be used or not be used and sections' factors can be modified freely,all these can be done by NIOS II CPU.