The Deregularization of Land Titles

  title={The Deregularization of Land Titles},
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Abstract In the last years, several countries implemented policy interventions to entitle urban squatters, encouraged by the results of studies showing large welfare gains from entitlement. We study a natural experiment in the allocation of land titles to very poor families in a suburban area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although previous studies on this experiment have found important effects of titling on investment, household structure, educational achievement, and child health, in this… 

Reverting to Informality: Unregistered Property Transactions and the Erosion of the Titling Reform in Peru

Titling programs have focused mostly on providing initial tenure security and have not properly addressed maintaining the formality of future property transactions. Deregularization due to

Does Title Increase Large Farm Productivity? Institutional Determinants of Large Land-Based Investments' Performance in Zambia

Despite accounts of increasing large farm penetration in Africa and an active debate on the differential potential of smallholder versus large farms to satisfy Africa’s food requirements, evidence on

The Politics of Property Taxation: Fiscal Infrastructure and Electoral Incentives in Brazil

Property titling enables tax collection and encourages private investment. Yet, governments across the developing world often fail to invest in land registration systems, such as cadastral maps, that

Understanding Tenure Security, Infrastructure and Livelihoods Nexus in Slum Upgrading

The economic, social and environmental challenges associated with the proliferation of informal settlements in the urban space, especially in the global south, are extensively documented and

Making Secure Land Tenure Count for Global Development Goals and National Policy: Evidence from Zambia

Adding a module designed to measure land tenure-related Sustainable Development Goals indicators to the 2018 round of Zambia's labor force survey shows low transferability and high levels of tenure

What Can Developing Cities Today Learn From the Urban Past?

  • E. Glaeser
  • Economics
    Regional Science and Urban Economics
  • 2021

Dissolving “Wicked” Problems: Beyond Institutionalist and Participatory Approaches to Land Title Regularization

  • S. Pipkin
  • Sociology
    Journal of Planning Education and Research
  • 2019
A central contribution of institutionalist approaches to planning has been to illustrate how planners’ constraints can also present opportunities for creative action. Through an ethnographic case

How Urban Land Titling and Registry Reform Affect Land and Credit Markets: Evidence from Lesotho



Land Titling and Rural Transition in Vietnam

We examine the impact of the 1993 Land Law of Vietnam, which gave households the power to exchange, transfer, lease, inherit, and mortgage their land‐use rights. We use household surveys before and

Tenure Security and Urban Squatting

While recent studies have shown that up to 35% of the total urban population of the Third World live in squatter settlements, there is a dearth of economic analysis on the phenomenon of squatting.


This paper examines the effect of changes in tenure security on residential investment in urban squatter neighborhoods. To address the endogeneity of property rights, I make use of variation in

Untitled: A Study of Formal and Informal Property Rights in Urban Ecuador

In this paper we explore the substitutability of formal and informal property rights. We analyze new survey data from Ecuador, where households have both formal and informal claims to urban

Effects of land titling on child health.

Land Property Rights and Resource Allocation

In this paper, we review the most significant empirical literature on the causal effects of land property rights. The literature indicates that secure property rights boost investment in both rural

Land Policies and Farm Productivity in Thailand

This study assesses the economic implications of land ownership security in rural Thailand. It uses data from this country to rigorously analyze several aspects of land ownership security. It


We examine the pattern of property rights demarcation in centralized and indiscriminate land survey systems and their economic effects. The dominant demarcation system through the world is an

The Determinants and Impact of Property Rights: Land Titles on the Brazilian Frontier

This paper provides new empirical results regarding the demand and supply of title, its impact on land value, and its effects on agricultural investment on Brazilian frontiers. We use survey data