The Density of Infima in the Recursively Enumerable Degrees

  title={The Density of Infima in the Recursively Enumerable Degrees},
  author={Theodore A. Slaman},
  journal={Ann. Pure Appl. Logic},
Slaman, T.A., The density of infima in the recursively enumerable degrees, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 52 (1991) 155-179. We show that every nontrivial interval in the recursively enumerable degrees contains an incomparable pair which have an infimum in the recursively enumerable degrees. Theorem. Zf A and E are recursively enumerable sets such that A >= E, then there are recursively enumerable sets B, C and D such that: (1) A + B, A + C. (2) B>,D, C>,D. (3) Da, E. (4) For sets X, if X is… CONTINUE READING

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