The Demolinguistic Situation in Canada: Past Trends and Future Prospects

  title={The Demolinguistic Situation in Canada: Past Trends and Future Prospects},
  author={Nigel Tomes and R{\'e}jean Lachapelle and Jacques Henripin},
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Demand or Ideation? Evidence from the Iranian Marital Fertility Decline
It is argued that the decline of marital fertility in Iran is described more precisely by demand theory than by ideation theory, and it began around 1959, just after the onset of massive economic growth but well before the ideational changes. Expand
Irish-language policy in a multiethnic state: competing discourses on ethnocultural membership and language ownership
Abstract This paper examines how competing discourses about the ownership of the Irish language in an increasingly multiethnic Ireland and the extent to which it is associated with a sense ofExpand
State of Indegenious languages in Australia : 2001
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Dialect topography of Québec City English
Un sondage a ete effectue aupres d'un echantillon representatif de la communaute anglophone de la ville de Quebec en utilisant la methodologie de la Topographie de dialecte. L'analyse des resulatsExpand
Language integration: results of an inter generational analysis
The two decades between 1971 and 1991 witnessed remarkable changes in the source countries for immigration to Canada, adding to the ethnic diversity of the nation. Traditional Euro­ pean sources ofExpand
Introduction and overview of language events in Canada
In its Preliminary Report the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism stated that "Canada, without being fully conscious of the fact, is passing through the greatest crisis in its history"Expand
The Principles of Territoriality and Personality in the Solution of Linguistic Conflicts.
Abstract This paper examines the competing principles of territoriality and personality as key concepts in the provision of language‐related services and rights in multilingual societies. Drawing onExpand
Achieving 'Unmarkedness' in Organisational Discourse: A Praxis Perspective on Ethnolinguistic Identity
An ethnomethodological approach to ethnolinguistic identity is presented using the linguistic concept of 'markedness' as a heuristic innovation to explore the dynamics of ethnolinguistic minoritiesExpand
An uncertainty principle in demography and the unisex issue.
  • J. E. Cohen
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • The American statistician
  • 1986
There are intrinsic limits to the ability of demographers to answer two elementary questions: whether the force of mortality in the last year was more or less severe in one country relative to that in a second, and whether an individual's chance of survival would have been greater in one or the other of the two countries. Expand