The Delos Synagogue Revisited Recent Fieldwork in the Graeco-Roman Diaspora

  title={The Delos Synagogue Revisited Recent Fieldwork in the Graeco-Roman Diaspora},
  author={L. Michael White},
  journal={Harvard Theological Review},
  pages={133 - 160}
  • L. M. White
  • Published 1 April 1987
  • History
  • Harvard Theological Review
Recent studies and archaeological work have focused attention once again on an old problem—the origins and development of the synagogue—by bringing two sides of the issue to light. On the one hand, some studies have reconsidered theories of synagogue origins in the Babylonian, Persian, or Hellenistic periods. The result is that several traditional assumptions typified in the works of Julian Morgenstern, Solomon Zeitlin, George Foot Moore, and Louis Finkelstein have been questioned. The question… 

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Deux inscriptions decouvertes a une centaine de metres de la Synagogue font connaitre des oί eν Δήλω Ίσραηλΐται οί άπαρχόμeνοι eίς ιeρόν άγιον Άργαριζeίν. Il s'agit de Samaritains comme l'indiquent

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Apres la conquete romaine, une partie de la population de l'ile est restee sur place, malgre l'attribution de l'ile a Athenes et l'expulsion de Deliens rapportee par Polybe. 11 s'agit de Deliens et