The Definition of Lying

  title={The Definition of Lying},
  author={T. Carson},
  • T. Carson
  • Published 2006
  • Psychology
  • Noûs
  • Few moral questions have greater bearing on the conduct of our everyday lives than questions about the morality of lying. These questions are also important for ethical theory. An important test of any theory of right and wrong is whether it gives an adequate account of the morality of lying. Conceptual questions about the nature of lying are prior to questions about the moral status of lying. Any theory about the moral status of lying presupposes an account of what lying is. This paper… CONTINUE READING
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    A Pack of Lies, defends this claim at length and gives numerous examples
      Also see Fried, Right and Wrong: ''A lie invites belief in an assertion which the speaker knows to be false
        Augustine: ''No liar preserves faith in that about which he lies. He wishes that he to whom he lies have faith in him, but he does not preserve faith by lying to him
        • The liar would have his victim believe that
        • 1947
        Barnes gives numerous examples of this; see p. 114 and elsewhere in A Pack of Lies
          His definition implies that the intent to deceive others is a necessary condition of lying and is, therefore, open to the sort of objection presented above. 13 ''The Intent to Deceive
          • 1978
          Like other conversational implicatures, it is governed by rules and expectations understood by language users
          • Theories of Ethics, Philippa Foot, ed
          • 1968
          Nicolai Hartman also defends the view that lying violates an implicit promise to tell the truth