The Definition of Clinical Pharmacy

  title={The Definition of Clinical Pharmacy},
  author={Charles L. Bean},
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  • C. L. Bean
  • Published 1 June 2008
  • Medicine
  • Pharmacotherapy: The Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy
Implementation and Evaluation of Clinical Pharmacy Services on Improving Quality of Prescribing in Geriatric Inpatients in Vietnam: An Example in a Low–Resources Setting
Improving clinical pharmacy services can potentially have a positive impact on the quality of prescribing in elderly inpatients and should officially be implemented to optimize the quality use of medicines in this population group in Vietnam.
Clinical Pharmacist Intervention on Drug-Related Problems among Elderly Patients Admitted to Medical Wards of Northwest Ethiopia Comprehensive Specialized Hospitals: A Multicenter Prospective, Observational Study
It was revealed that DRPs were high among elderly patients admitted to medical ward of Northwest Ethiopia comprehensive specialized hospitals and comorbidity, length of hospitalization, ploy-pharmacy, payer, and alcohol drinker were more likely to developed drug-related problems.
Implementing clinical pharmacy activities in hospital setting in Vietnam: current status from a national survey
In general, clinical pharmacy is more established in higher-class hospitals in Vietnam, however, the current implementation status is focused on non-patient-specific activities, while patient-oriented activities remained insufficiently established.
Development and Conduct of Tele-Objective Structured Clinical Examination (Tele-OSCE) to Assess Clinical Pharmacy Competencies During COVID-19 Emergency Remote Teaching
A thoughtfully planned tele-OSCE is a feasible method of examination that allows acceptable assessment of attained clinical competencies when social distancing measures are mandated and should look towards fortifying IT and online platform access to support optimal emergency remote teaching.
The involvement of clinical pharmacist in the wards contributed to the optimisation of pharmacotherapy, safety and better patients’ outcomes.
Unraveling the Worth of a Clinical Pharmacist
  • B. Krishna
  • Medicine
    Indian journal of critical care medicine : peer-reviewed, official publication of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • 2021
How to cite this article Krishna B. Srinivasan's Unraveling the Worth of a Clinical Pharmacist: The Case for and against a Pharmacist’s Pharmacy Licence is explained.
The Roles of Pharmacists in Cardiac Care units in Hospitals
This study has focused on systematic reviews, Meta-analysis and randomized controlled studies focusing on the pharmacist intervention in improving outcomes of cardiology patients in the hospital care settings and demonstrated that their role can no longer be underestimated and play an important role in the care delivery process.
Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Intensive Care Units
The health care and ICU cost, the evolving role of clinical pharmacists in managing critically ill patients, and their contributions in the ICU to mitigate the risks, improve patient outcomes, and decrease health care costs are discussed.