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The Decline of Educational System In Iraq

  title={The Decline of Educational System In Iraq},
  author={Rakesh Ranjan and Prakash Chandra Jain},
Iraq is abundant with natural resources and its geographical location makes it strategically important. It is composed of a mountainous region in the northeast and the vast Syrian Desert, inhabited by a few nomadic shepherds. In the southwest lies the heart of the country which is a fertile lowland region watered by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Most of the population is Muslim Arabs, divided into the Sunnis of central Iraq and Shiites of the south. The Kurds, who inhabit the north, are the… 
The Hissing Sectarian Snake: Sectarianism and the Making of State and Nation in Modern Iraq
This thesis addresses the relationship between sectarianism and state-making and nationbuilding in Iraq. It argues that sectarianism has been an enduring feature of the state-making trajectory in
The Higher Education In Iraq Challenges And Recommendations
Without adequate higher education and research institutions providing a critical skilled and educated people, no country can ensure endogenous and sustainable development. Hence well organized and
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Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, there had been numerous disruptions of learning in recent history. In addition, educational systems are in crisis due to low-quality learning in terms of student
An International Comparison of Educational Systems: the Columbian, Iraqi and Kurdish cases
As developing countries aim to improve their education to address the challenges of globalisation's economic and social demands, comparative education can provide references for reforms and changes.
Iraqi Prisoners in Norway: Educational Background, Participation, Preferences and Barriers to Education
The article aimed to develop knowledge of the educational background, participation and preferences of Iraqi prisoners in Norwegian prisons and obstacles to participating in education. The study is
Preparing Iraqi Kurdish Students for Postgraduate Study in the United States: Perceptions and Proposals
Several recommendations emerge from the study, including a need for more ESL programs; more pre-departure orientations and arrival support; cultural training; and an increased number of program improvements.
Violence Against the Academy: A Comparative Analysis of Attacks and Implications for the Future of Higher Education
Attacks on education, both physical and symbolic in nature, have various motives and consequences, and thus attempts at comparison can be challenging. This article is a descriptive comparative
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Peace education in Iraqi Kurdistan schools : an analysis of human rights and history education curriculum
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