The Declaration of Helsinki Through a Feminist Lens

  title={The Declaration of Helsinki Through a Feminist Lens},
  author={L. Eckenwiler and Lisa Dafna Carolyn Toby Feinholz and Lisa Dafna Carolyn Toby Ells and Lisa Dafna Carolyn Toby Schonfeld},
  journal={IJFAB: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics},
  pages={161 - 177}
This commentary was submitted to the World Medical Association on behalf of the International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics. Our submission included (1) a description of feminist research ethics, (2) suggestions for specific revisions to the Declaration, and (3) elements found in other international research ethics codes that are important from a feminist perspective. Our goals were to encourage the WMA to craft a declaration that: (1) conceptualizes issues of vulnerability in… Expand
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"Ever vigilant" in "Ethically Impossible": structural injustice and responsibility in PHS research in Guatemala.
  • C. Galarneau
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Hastings Center report
  • 2013
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