The Decisive Nature of the Indian War Rocket in the Anglo-Mysore Wars of the Eighteenth Century

  title={The Decisive Nature of the Indian War Rocket in the Anglo-Mysore Wars of the Eighteenth Century},
  author={H. M. Iftekhar Jaim and Jasmine Jaim},
  journal={Arms \& Armour},
  pages={131 - 138}
Abstract The glorious history of the Indian war rocket, also known as the Mysore rocket, is examined, including the role of Tipu Sultan, the son of the King of Mysore. The technological aspects are explained in brief to reveal the reasons for the destructiveness of the rocket. This weapon provides significant evidence of the advanced state of development of military technology in the Indian continent during the pre-colonial era at the time of the Anglo-Mysore wars against the British. The use… 
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