The Death of Claudius Or Mushrooms For Murderers

  title={The Death of Claudius Or Mushrooms For Murderers},
  author={R. Gordon Wasson},
  journal={Botanical Museum leaflets, Harvard University},
  • R. Wasson
  • Published 1972
  • Art
  • Botanical Museum leaflets, Harvard University
For murderers there is only one kind of mushroom worth considering: Amanita phalloides. Almost everyone who dies from mushrooms dies from it ; and most of those who have eaten it have died from it. Even a small piece of the cap may kill a grown man. Specimens are easy to identify and easy to find in season in our latitude from August into October. Their poisonous virtue survives cooking, freezing, drying. To speak more accurately, the deadly species are three in number, for we must add Amanita… 
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