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The Deadlist of Games: A Model of the Duel

  title={The Deadlist of Games: A Model of the Duel},
  author={Eliane Catilina and R. Wright},
  journal={General Economics and Teaching},
  • Eliane Catilina, R. Wright
  • Published 2002
  • Economics
  • General Economics and Teaching
  • Recent historical research indicates that ritualistic dueling had a rational basis. Basically, under certain social and economic conditions, individuals must fight in order to maintain their personal credit and social standing. A model of the duel, therefore, can be constructed. We model the duel as a two--players sequential game. This paper shows that the optimal strategy of each player depends upon the value of three parameters, namely, ``cost of fighting,'' ``cost of shame'', and ``value of… CONTINUE READING
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