The Dauphin of Munchausen: factitious passage of renal stones in a child.

  title={The Dauphin of Munchausen: factitious passage of renal stones in a child.},
  author={Raphael C. Sneed and R F Bell},
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The urinary tract appears to play an infrequent role in adult malingering and in Munchausen syndrome, an elaborate, highly organized form of malingering.1-3 We have found only a small number of reports of factitious hematuria4-6 and only two cases of genuine renal stones factitiously passed.7.8 Herring reported in a series of 10,000 analyzed urinary calculi that only 85 were artificial in nature, the commonest being pebbles."9 Only a small number of these "stones" were felt to be innocent… 

Munchausen syndrome presenting as urolithiasis.

Four cases of factitious illness, convincing (though often selfinflicted) signs of disease and wandering from hospital to hospital have been presented and some common factors shared by them and the Munchausen syndrome in general are discussed.

Recurrent Renal Colic in a Patient with Munchausen Syndrome

It is recommended that paediatricians include FD in the differential diagnosis of a persistent and unexplained medical condition and confirmation and long-term therapy by a group of qualified specialists, including psychiatrists, should be planned.

Factitious hematuria in two teenage boys.

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Factitious illness—defined here as self-inflicted injury or deliberate alteration of clinical or laboratory observations, by parent or child—is identified in 1% of children referred to us for pediatric rheumatology evaluation.

Clear otorrhea: a case of Munchausen syndrome in a pediatric patient

D diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome is difficult especially during the initial assessment, although suspicion might be aroused by inconsistencies in the patient’s history and discrepancies between signs and symptoms.

Specialty Conference Factitious Disease -in Pediatrics

The patient to be presented illustrates the clinical dilemma of a child who has experienced recurrent episodes of painful hematuria that have evaded diagnostic classification.

A review of the Munchausen syndrome

Munchausen's Syndrome and Other Factitious Disorders in Children: Case Series and Literature Review.

The purpose is to make clinicians aware of this less known disorder in children and to discuss the similarities and differences these disorders have in children compared to adults with the same disorders.

Relapsing gross haematuria in Münchausen syndrome

A 10-year-old female with relapsing gross haematuria and Münchausen syndrome is reported, emphasizing the rarity of this situation in children and the difficult diagnostic pathway. A careful