The Daughters Take Over? Female Performers in Randai Theatre

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Look at the Clouds: Migration and West Sumatran ‘Popular’ Theatre

The numerous interrelated ‘popular’ theatres of Indonesia provide important evidence for the study of artistic interaction and change. The West Sumatran Randai theatre emerged in a culturally hybrid

Bells and Alarm Clocks: Theatre and Theatre Research at the Millenium

Space, as Einstein has taught us, has no limits, and time is relative to where you are moving and the speed of light. Our millenium, then, is only a speck in eternal space. It is, nevertheless, a



Sijobang: Sung Narrative Poetry of West Sumatra

1. The social and literary context of sijobang 2. The story of Anggun Nan Tungga in Lima Puluh Kota 3. Two performances of sijobang 4. Variation between performances.

A Flower of Martial Arts: The Randai Folk Theatre of the Minangkabau in West Sumatra

A little-known form of West Sumatran folk theatre, randai, is given a concise description here covering its origins, troupe composition, and performative techniques. Of special concern to the author

Change and Continuity in the Minangkabau Matrilineal System

It is said that in Minangkabau society in ancient times, property was given to one's children instead of to one's kemanakan (one's sororal nieces and nephews).1 One day, Datuk Katumanggungan and

Adat and Islam: An Examination of Conflict in Minangkabau

The Minangkabau area, which lies on the west coast of Sumatra, is one of the most Islamized regions in Indonesia. At the same time it is famous for its strong attachment to its adat (body of local

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