The Data Management Group

  title={The Data Management Group},
  author={Tusneem Elhassan and Naeem A. Chaudhri and Ghuzayel Aldawsari and Fahad Alsharif and Hazza A. Alzahrani and Said Yousuf Mohamed and Walid Rasheed and Amr Hanbali and Syed Osman Ahmed and Marwan Shaheen and Feras Alfraih and Riad Elfakih and Fahad I Almohareb and M. Aljurf},
  journal={Bone Marrow Transplantation},
Introduction: HLA matching is an important predictor of survival after allogeneic stem cell transplants [1]. However, EBMT data on HLA type and number of mismatches between patient and donor are often missing or unreliable in the unrelated donor transplant setting. This could be improved by obtaining data directly from donor registries. Material (or patients) and methods: We identified 1039 allogeneic HSCTs carried out between April 2002 and December 2014 using matched unrelated donors from the… CONTINUE READING