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The Data Center as Technological Wilderness

  title={The Data Center as Technological Wilderness},
  author={Alexander Taylor},
  journal={Culture Machine},
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Platform capitalism and cloud infrastructure: Theorizing a hyper-scalable computing regime

  • Devika Narayan
  • Computer Science
    Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
  • 2022
Cloud computing arrangements are established as setting the foundational sociotechnical infrastructure that drives rapid expansion and advancement on expansion and hyper-scalability.

Future‐proof: bunkered data centres and the selling of ultra‐secure cloud storage

  • A.R.E. Taylor
  • Computer Science
    Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
  • 2021
This essay explores how data centre professionals work with the imaginative properties of the bunker toure data as an object to be securitized and provides a conceptual opening onto the entangled imperatives of security and marketing that drive the commercial data storage industry.



Platform capitalism

Nick Srnicek, professor de economia digital do departamento de digital humanities do King’s College, publicou em 2017 o livro Platform capitalism. As linhas de pesquisa do autor são economia

Algorithmic culture

Over the last 30 years or so, human beings have been delegating the work of culture – the sorting, classifying and hierarchizing of people, places, objects and ideas – increasingly to computational

Justice for Data Janitors

The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness

"The Companion Species Manifesto" is about the implosion of nature and culture in the joint lives of dogs and people, who are bonded in "significant otherness". In all their historical complexity,

The Six Extinctions: Visualizing Planetary Ecological Crisis Today

Software, Infrastructure, Labor: A Media Theory of Logistical Nightmares


L'ideologie ne s'exprime pas seulement par le langage: elle apparait aussi dans les structures materielles. Selon la vision du monde de l'Etat-parti sovietique, l'architecture pouvait avoir un effet

Haunted Data

Haunted Data explores the challenges of 21st century media and computational cultures to our understandings of the media, mediation, representation, affect, power and subjectivity. The book