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The Darknet: A Digital Copyright Revolution

  title={The Darknet: A Digital Copyright Revolution},
  author={Jessica A. Wood},
  journal={Richmond Journal of Law and Technology},
  • Jessica A. Wood
  • Published 2010
  • Business
  • Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
[1] We are in the midst of a digital revolution. In this “Age of Peer Production,” armies of amateur participants demand the freedom to rip, remix, and share their own digital culture. Aided by the newest iteration of file sharing networks, digital media users now have the option to retreat underground, by using secure, private, and anonymous file sharing networks, to share freely and breathe new life into digital media. These underground networks, collectively termed “the Darknet[,] will grow… Expand
Regulating dissemination : a comparative digital ethnography of licensed and unlicensed spheres of music circulation
This thesis examines the transformations of music circulation and consumption brought about by new media platforms. Specifically, it shows how the social and technical design of online musicExpand
Strategies for unbridled data dissemination : an emergency operations manual
This project is a study of free data dissemination and impediments to it. Drawing upon post-structuralism, Actor Network Theory, Participatory Action Research, and theories of the political stakes ofExpand
File-Sharing and the Darknet
Which role file sharing and the growing need for privacy within it played in the development of privacy networks and how to achieve privacy in file sharing networks today is shown. Expand
When social links are network links: The dawn of peer-to-peer social networks and its implications for privacy
Despite the success they enjoy among Internet users today, social networking tools are currently subject to several controversies, notably concerning the uses their administrators make of users’Expand
Sieć ukryta a sieć widzialna. O zasobach WWW nieindeksowanych przez wyszukiwarki
Invisible vs. visible Web. On non-indexed WWW resources Abstract: With the use the Internet for information search and especially the widespread use for this pur- pose search tools are related twoExpand
The web as a site of intractable governance
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Discovery of Single-Vendor Marketplace Operators in the Tor-Network
A method is presented to find out similarities between these vendor websites to discover possible operational structures between them and it was found that only 49% of 258 single-vendor marketplaces were unique, i.e. no similar sites existed. Expand
Privacy as invisibility: pervasive surveillance and the privatization of peer-to-peer systems
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Local Area Network (Lan) Mock-Up And The Prevention Of Cybernetics Related Crimes In Nigermills Company Using Firewall Security Device
This study was conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) of Niger Mills, Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. It entailed the simulation of LAN with a view to checking its quality, latency andExpand
Nains sans géants : architecture décentralisée et services Internet
Si le concept de decentralisation est en quelque sorte inscrit dans le principe meme de l'Internet, son urbanisme actuel n'integre ce principe que de maniere limitee. La recherche d'alternatives auExpand


P2p and the Future of Private Copying
Since the beginning of the P2P file-sharing controversy, commentators have discussed the radical expansion of copyright law, the industry's controversial enforcement tactics, the need for newExpand
Price Discrimination, Personal Use and Piracy: Copyright Protection of Digital Works
The growth of digital information transmission worries copyright holders who fear the new technology threatens their profits because of greater piracy and widespread sharing of digital works. TheyExpand
Impose a Noncommercial Use Levy to Allow Free Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Noncommercial users of peer-to-peer systems, such as Kazaa and Gnutella, should be free to distribute and modify files as they wish. But providers of services and devices the value of which areExpand
Voluntary collective licensing for music file sharing
Why can't American peer-to-peer file sharers have the same deal the broadcast radio industry has had for almost 100 years?
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