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The Dark Side of the Universe

  title={The Dark Side of the Universe},
  author={A. D. R'ujula},
A view on the history and current status of dark matter and dark energy, at a fairly introductory level. 


Formation of galaxies in a gravitino-dominated universe
If gravitinos of mass 1 keV (or similar particles) dominate the mass of the universe, a critical scale of galactic size arises due to their collisionless phase mixing. It is shown that densityExpand
Detection of polarization in the cosmic microwave background using DASI
The detection of polarization of the CMB with the Degree Angular Scale Interferometer (DASI) is reported, and its level and spatial distribution are in excellent agreement with the predictions of the standard theory. Expand
Galaxy formation by dissipationless particles heavier than neutrinos
In a baryon dominated universe, there is no scale length corresponding to the masses of galaxies. If neutrinos with mass <50eV dominate the present mass density of the universe, then their Jeans massExpand
Large-scale background temperature and mass fluctuations due to scale-invariant primeval perturbations
The large-scale anisotropy of the microwave background and the large-scale fluctuations in the mass distribution are discussed under the assumptions that the universe is dominated by very massiveExpand
Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation
Over recent decades, cosmological simulations of galaxy formation have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of structure and galaxy formation in the Universe. These simulations follow theExpand
Software-defined networking introduces the possibility of building self-tuning networks that constantly monitor network conditions and react rapidly to important events such as congestion.Expand
It is highly non-trivial to explain this subject in detail. One cannot do it briefly, as I recently learned, having failed in A. De Rújula, Aperitivos [tapas] de materia oscura
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