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The Danish Gigaword Project

  title={The Danish Gigaword Project},
  author={Leon Stromberg-Derczynski and R. Baglini and Morten H. Christiansen and Manuel R. Ciosici and Jacob Aarup Dalsgaard and Riccardo Fusaroli and P. Henrichsen and Rasmus Hvingelby and Andreas S{\o}eborg Kirkedal and Alex Speed Kjeldsen and Claus Ladefoged and Finn AArup Nielsen and M. Petersen and Jonathan Hvithamar Rystrom and Daniel Varab},
Danish is a North Germanic/Scandinavian language spoken primarily in Denmark, a country with a tradition of technological and scientific innovation. However, from a technological perspective, the Danish language has received relatively little attention and, as a result, Danish language technology is hard to develop, in part due to a lack of large or broad-coverage Danish corpora. This paper describes the Danish Gigaword project, which aims to construct a freely-available one billion word corpus… Expand
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