The Daniell cell, Ohm's law, and the emergence of the International System of Units

  title={The Daniell cell, Ohm's law, and the emergence of the International System of Units},
  author={Joel S. Jayson},
  journal={American Journal of Physics},
  • J. S. Jayson
  • Published 22 December 2015
  • Education
  • American Journal of Physics
Telegraphy originated in the 1830s and 40 s and flourished in the following decades but with a patchwork of electrical standards. Electromotive force was for the most part measured in units of the predominant Daniell cell, but each telegraphy company had their own resistance standard. In 1862, the British Association for the Advancement of Science formed a committee to address this situation. By 1873, they had given definition to the electromagnetic system of units (emu) and defined the… 
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