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The Daniel Garrison Brinton Collection

  title={The Daniel Garrison Brinton Collection},
  author={John M. Weeks},
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Pioneers of contrastive linguistics

This paper revisits the translational practices of Dominican missionaries who worked in multilingual settings in the Guatemalan highlands in the colonial period. It is argued that the missionaries

“Postreros acentos de la lira indiana”: The Discovery of the Cantares mexicanos in the Nineteenth Century

The exhumation, in 1895, of the manuscript known as Cantares mexicanos y otros opúsculos in the Biblioteca Nacional de México made available for the first time authentic examples of

A Seventeenth Century Poqomchi’ (Mayan) Dictionary and Dominican Evangelizing Tradition in Highland Guatemala

Abstract One of the first written sources containing information about the Poqomchi’ language (Mayan family, Guatemala) is the trilingual Poqomchi’-Spanish-Latin dictionary dating from the beginning

The history of the Poqomchi’ language description

ABSTRACT This article presents an overview of linguistic efforts aimed at a description of the Poqomchi’ language (Mayan family, Guatemala). This language remains one of the least documented