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The Dangers and Opportunities of the Common Core.

  title={The Dangers and Opportunities of the Common Core.},
  author={Jacqueline Grennon Brooks and Mary E. Dietz},
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The Pedagogical Impacts of the Common Core State Standards on Elementary Mathematics Teachers of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
This study explored the intersection of the Common Core State Standards and the field of Deaf Education, specifically the impact of the Common Core on the pedagogy of elementary mathematics teachersExpand
Writing is worth the challenges: A qualitative study of teachers' beliefs, experiences, and common core tensions with writing instruction across the curriculum in an urban high school
ing, or transforming the data that appear in the full body of interview transcripts (Miles, Huberman, & Saldana, 2014). This entails writing summaries, coding, developing themes, generatingExpand
Cultural Sensitivity in the Performance-Based Learning Environment
Cultural Sensitivity in the Performance-Based Learning Environment by Monique Matleen Hazzard-Robinson MA, Armstrong State University, 2003 BS, Savannah State University, 1995 Doctoral StudyExpand
No school principal is an island: From individual to school sense-making processes in reform implementation
Educational reform implementation in today’s fast changing world requires a critical transition from individual to school sense-making processes. Managing expectations from above (e.g. externalExpand
Shared Sense-Making Processes within a National Reform Implementation: Principals’ Voices
ABSTRACT This qualitative study explores how 60 Israeli high school principals vary in their perceptions and enactments of shared sense-making processes while engaging in strategic activities to gainExpand
Common Core Standards and their Impact on Standardized Test Design: A New York Case Study
Abstract: With adoption of the Common Core (CCSS) in a majority of U.S. states came development of new high-stakes exams. Though researchers have investigated CCSS and related policies, lessExpand