The Dana-Faynan-Ghuwayr Early Prehistory Project

  title={The Dana-Faynan-Ghuwayr Early Prehistory Project},
  author={Bill Finlayson and Steven Mithen and Denise Carruthers and Amanda Kennedy and A. A. Pirie and Richard Tipping},
  pages={1 - 26}
Abstract This is the report of the 1997 and 1998 field seasons. Survey has located a number of aceramic sites in Wadis Dana, Faynan and Ghuwayr. Excavation has to date focussed on WF16, a Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site on a knoll above the confluence of Wadi Ghuwayr and Wadi Faynan. A sequence of construction and midden deposits has been located, along with the remains of human burial, faunal, floral, lithic and ground stone assemblages. Archaeological survey is linked to extensive… 
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Dhra', Excavation Project, 2002 Interim Report
Abstract This is an interim report on the second season of fieldwork and post-excavation analysis on the Pottery Neolithic and Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Dhra', near the southern end of the Dead
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Previously, archaeological exemplars of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) period that heralded the advent of agrarian societies in the Levant were very rare east of the Jordan River. Those that were
Quaternary palaeogeomorphologic evolution of the Wadi Faynan area, Southern Jordan
The Faynan area comprises a complex assemblage of deposits and landforms of varying nature, age and position in the landscape. The dominant facies are fluvial, slope and aeolian. At least eight
The geological survey at the archaeological site of Ya'amun in northern Jordan has yielded very rich data on the local lithology and its relationship with tomb locations and other archaeological
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Jordan, rich in archaeological sites and the related funerary attributes, has the potential to reconstruct the life of past societies and deduce burial practices that, in turn, may assist in
Foraging, Farming, and Social Complexity in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Southern Levant: A Review and Synthesis
The transition from foraging to farming of the Neolithic periods is one of, if not, the most important cultural processes in recent human prehistory. Integrating previously published archaeological
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This article reassesses the timing, context, and impetus for the onset of sedentary, complex hunter-gatherers, food production, and village life in the Near East during the Late Pleistocene and Early
Life in Neolithic Farming Communities: Social Organization, Identity, and Differentiation
Part I: Introduction. 1. Social Configurations of the Near Eastern Neolithic: An Introduction I. Kuijt. Part II: Sedentism, Early Villages and Households in Transition. 2. Early Sedentism in the Near


The Wadi Faynan Project, Southern Jordan: a Preliminary Report on Geomorphology and Landscape Archaeology
AbstractThe Wadi Faynan Project of the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History (BIAAH) has as its principal objective the provision of a detailed case study in the relationship between
The Dana-Faynan (South Jordan) Epipalaeolithic Project: Report on Reconnaissance Survey, 14–22 April 1996
Abstract This report describes the results of a preliminary survey conducted as part of the Wadi Faynan Project to assess the potential of the area for the study of the Epipalaeolithic. Several flint
Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Settlement Variability: Evidence for Sociopolitical Developments in the Southern Levant
Despite considerable archaeological research, it is only since the mid-1980s that sites dating to the foraging/farming transition, generally known as the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A period (PPNA) (ca.
Netiv Hagdud: An Early Neolithic Village Site in the Jordan Valley
AbstractNetiv Hagdud is an Early Neolithic village site in the Lower Jordan Valley. Systematic excavations exposed a 500-sqm surface, which included several oval and circular houses. Carbonized plant
Gilgal I : A Pre-Pottery Neolithic site, Israel. The 1985-1987 seasons
Le site de Gilgal I, dans la basse vallee du Jourdain a ete occupe au cours de deux courtes periodes attribuees a deux phases anciennes du PPNA datees du debut du 8e millenaire. Plusieurs maisons
The Sultanian Flint Assemblage from Gesher and its Implications for Recognizing Early Neolithic Entities in the Levant
Cet article presente l'analyse typologique et technologique de l'assemblage lithique sultanien de Gesher, site "PPNA" recemment decouvert dans la vallee du Jourdain. La brievete de son occupation lui
Early Neolithic use of upland areas of Wadi El-Yabis : preliminary evidence from the excavations of 'Iraq Ed-Dubb, Jordan
L'analyse preliminaire de l'assemblage lithique indique that le gisement est contemporain d'autres sites neolithiques anciens fouilles dans la Vallee du Jourdain par les chasseurs/cueille urs, alors that l'on assiste aux debuts of l'agriculture dans the Valley of the Journan.
L'interet porte aux maisons sur le site proto-neolithique de Qermez Dere — Nord de l'Iraq — ainsi que les changements survenus relativement rapidement dans la culture materielle semblent indiquer une
Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant