The Dakota Little People and the Tree-Dweller Dreamers: A matter of respect

  title={The Dakota Little People and the Tree-Dweller Dreamers: A matter of respect},
  author={Mark F. Ruml},
  journal={Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses},
  pages={507 - 531}
  • Mark F. Ruml
  • Published 1 September 2009
  • History
  • Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses
While earlier authors tend to stress the malevolent aspects of the Little People, classifying them among the “Divinities of Evil,” a classification system which polarizes “good” and “evil” does not validly reflect the worldview of the Dakota. In this article, oral sources are informally utilized as the written sources, including previously unpublished narratives, are identified and examined in the context of the Dakota worldview. The Dakota phrase mitakuye owasį (“all my relatives”) is used to… 
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Mitakuye owas’į (abbreviated locally in Manitoba, Canada, as mitakuyowas and pronounced “Oyas’į” in the Lakota dialect) is a profound expression of Dakota religiousness; “a single prayer by itself,”


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