The DOD COBOL compiler validation system

  title={The DOD COBOL compiler validation system},
  author={George N. Baird},
  booktitle={AFIPS '72 (Fall, part II)},
  • George N. Baird
  • Published in AFIPS '72 (Fall, part II) 5 December 1972
  • Computer Science
The ability to benchmark or validate software to ensure that design specifications are satisfied is an extremely difficult task. Test data, generally designed by the creators of said software, is generally biased toward a specific goal and tend not to cover many of the possibilities of combinations and interactions. The philosophy of suggesting that "a programmer will never do . . ." or "this particular situation will never happen" is altogether absurd. First, "never" is an extremely long time… 
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Experiences in building and using compiler validation systems
  • P. Oliver
  • Computer Science
    1979 International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge (MARK)
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The scope of this paper is limited in the following ways: the experiences described are not applicable to applications software; the validation systems discussed must be capable of functioning on a variety of dissimilar hardware and operating systems; the staff performing the validation is not involved in the development or the maintenance of the products being tested.
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There is indeed evidence that rapid quantification of software quality is not really feasible, because simple formulas can often be misleading and hence not very credible.
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Experiences in COBOL compiler validation
The Federal COBOL Compiler Testing Service (FCCTS) is an activity of the Software Development Division of the Department of the Navy, Automatic Data Processing Equipment Selection Office (ADPESO).