The DNA mismatch repair enzyme PMS1 is a myositis-specific autoantigen.

  title={The DNA mismatch repair enzyme PMS1 is a myositis-specific autoantigen.},
  author={Livia A. Casciola-Rosen and Ann F. Pluta and Paul H. Plotz and Alison E Cox and Steven R Morris and Fredrick Wigley and Michelle Petri and Allan C Gelber and Antony Rosen},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
  volume={44 2},
OBJECTIVE The specificity of the autoantibody response in different autoimmune diseases makes autoantibodies useful for diagnostic purposes. It also focuses attention on tissue- and event-specific circumstances that may select unique molecules for an autoimmune response in specific diseases. Defining additional phenotype-specific autoantibodies may identify such circumstances. This study was undertaken to investigate the disease specificity of PMS1, an autoantigen previously identified in some… CONTINUE READING
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