The DISC1 promoter: characterization and regulation by FOXP2.

  title={The DISC1 promoter: characterization and regulation by FOXP2.},
  author={Rosie May Walker and Alison E. Hill and Alice C Newman and Gillian Hamilton and Helen Scott Torrance and Susan Maguire Anderson and Fumiaki Ogawa and Pelagia Derizioti and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Nicod and Sonja C Vernes and Simon E. Fisher and Pippa A Thomson and David J. Porteous and Kathryn L. Evans},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={21 13},
Disrupted in schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) is a leading candidate susceptibility gene for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and recurrent major depression, which has been implicated in other psychiatric illnesses of neurodevelopmental origin, including autism. DISC1 was initially identified at the breakpoint of a balanced chromosomal translocation, t(1;11) (q42.1;14.3), in a family with a high incidence of psychiatric illness. Carriers of the translocation show a 50% reduction in DISC1 protein levels… CONTINUE READING