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The DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design

  title={The DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design},
  author={Desi Collaboration Amir Aghamousa and Jessica Aguilar and Steve Ahlen and Shadab Alam and Lori E. Allen and C. Allende Prieto and James Annis and Stephen Bailey and Christophe Balland and Otger Ballester and Charles Baltay and Lucas Beaufore and Chris Bebek and Timothy C. Beers and Eric Bell and Jos'e Luis Bernal and Robert W. Besuner and Florian Beutler and Chris Blake and Hannes Bleuler and Michael Blomqvist and Robert Blum and Adam S. Bolton and C'esar Briceno and David Brooks and Joel R. Brownstein and Elizabeth Buckley-Geer and Angela Burden and Etienne Burtin and Nicolas Busca and Robert Cahn and Yan-Chuan Cai and Laia Cardiel-Sas and Raymond G. Carlberg and Pierre-Henri Carton and Ricard Casas and Francisco J. Castander and Jorge Luis Cervantes-Cota and Todd M. Claybaugh and Madeline Close and Carl T. Coker and Shaun Cole and Johan Comparat and Andrew P. Cooper and M. C. Cousinou and Mart́in Crocce and Jean-Gabriel Cuby and Daniel P. Cunningham and Tamara M. Davis and Kyle Stewart Dawson and Axel de la Macorra and Juan de Vicente and Timoth'ee Delubac and Mark A. Derwent and Arjun Dey and Govinda Prasad Dhungana and Zhejie Ding and Peter Doel and Yutong T. Duan and Anne Ealet and Jerry Edelstein and Sarah Eftekharzadeh and Daniel J. Eisenstein and Ann Elliott and St'ephanie Escoffier and Matthew Evatt and Parker Fagrelius and Xiaohui Fan and Kevin Fanning and Arya Farahi and Jay Farihi and Ginevra Favole and Yu Feng and Enrique Fern{\'a}ndez and Joseph R. Findlay and Douglas P. Finkbeiner and Michael J. Fitzpatrick and Brenna L. Flaugher and Samuel Flender and Andreu Font-Ribera and Jaime Forero-Romero and Pablo Fosalba and Carlos S. Frenk and Michele Fumagalli and Boris T. Gaensicke and Giuseppe Gallo and Juan Garc{\'i}a-Bellido and Enrique Gazta{\~n}aga and Nicola Pietro Gentile Fusillo and Terry Gerard and Irena Gershkovich and Tommaso Giannantonio and D. Gillet and Guillermo Gonz{\'a}lez-de-Rivera and Violeta Gonzalez-Perez and Shelby Gott and Or Graur and Gast{\'o}n Guti{\'e}rrez and Julien Guy and Salman Habib and Henry D. Heetderks and Ian Heetderks and Katrin Heitmann and Wojciech A. Hellwing and David Andr{\'e}s Herrera and Shirley Ho and Stephen Holland and Klaus Honscheid and Eric M. Huff and Timothy Alan Hutchinson and Dragan Huterer and Ho Seong Hwang and Joseph Maria Illa Laguna and Yuzo Ishikawa and Dianna Jacobs and Niall Jeffrey and Patrick N. Jelinsky and Elise Jennings and Linhua Jiang and Jorge Jimenez and Jennifer Johnson and Richard Joyce and Eric Jullo and St'ephanie Juneau and Sami Kama and Armin Karcher and Sonia Karkar and Robert E. Kehoe and Noble Kennamer and Stephen Kent and Martin Kilbinger and Alex G. Kim and David P. Kirkby and Theodore Kisner and Ellie Kitanidis and Jean-Paul Kneib and Sergey Koposov and Eve Kovacs and Kazuya Koyama and Anthony Kremin and Richard G. Kron and Luzius Kronig and Andrea Kueter-Young and Cedric G. Lacey and Robin E. Lafever and Ofer Lahav and Andrew Lambert and Michael Lampton and Martin Landriau and Dustin Lang and Tod R. Lauer and Jean-Marc Le Goff and Laurent Le Guillou and Auguste Le Van Suu and Jae Hyeon Lee and Su-Jeong Lee and Daniela Leitner and Michael Lesser and Michael Edward Levi and Benjamin L'Huillier and Baojiu Li and Ming Liang and Huan Lin and Eric Linder and Sarah Loebman and Zarija Luki'c and Jun Ma and Niall MacCrann and Christophe Magneville and Laleh Makarem and Marc Manera and Christopher J Manser and Robert Marshall and Paul Martini and Richard Massey and Thomas Matheson and Jeremy McCauley and Patrick McDonald and Ian D. McGreer and Aaron M. Meisner and Nigel Metcalfe and Timothy N. Miller and Ramon Miquel and John Moustakas and Adam D. Myers and Milind N. Naik and Jeffrey A. Newman and Robert C. Nichol and Andrina Nicola and Luiz Nicolati da Costa and Jundan Nie and Gustavo Niz and Peder Norberg and Brian Nord and Dara Joscelyne Norman and P E Nugent and T. O'brien and Minji Oh and K. A. Olsen and Crist{\'o}bal Padilla and Hamsa Padmanabhan and N. Padmanabhan and Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille and Antonella Palmese and Daniel P. Pappalardo and Isabelle P{\^a}ris and Changbom Park and Anna Patej and John A. Peacock and Hiranya V. Peiris and Xiyan Peng and Will J. Percival and Sandrine Perruchot and Matthew M. Pieri and Richard William Pogge and Jennifer E. Pollack and Claire Poppett and Francisco Prada and A. N. Prakash and Ronald George Probst and David Rabinowitz and Anand Raichoor and Chang Hee Ree and Alexandre Refregier and Xavier Régal and Beth Reid and Kevin Alexander Reil and Mehdi Rezaie and Constance M. Rockosi and Natalie Roe and Samuel Ronayette and Aaron J. Roodman and Ashley J Ross and Nicholas Ross and Graziano Rossi and Eduardo Rozo and Vanina Ruhlmann-Kleider and Eli S. Rykoff and Cristiano G. Sabiu and Lado Samushia and Eusebio S{\'a}nchez and Javier S{\'a}nchez and David J. Schlegel and Michael Schneider and Michael Schubnell and Aur'elia Secroun and Uros Seljak and Hee-jong Seo and Santiago Serrano and Arman Shafieloo and Huanyuan Shan and Ray Sharples and Michael J. Sholl and William Van Shourt and Joseph H. Silber and D. Rodrigues Silva and Martin Sirk and An{\vz}e Slosar and Alex Smith and George F. Smoot and Debopam Som and Yong-Seon Song and David Sprayberry and Ryan Staten and Andy Stefanik and Gregory Tarl{\'e} and Suk Sien Tie and Jeremy L. Tinker and Rita Tojeiro and Francisco Vald{\'e}s and Octavio Valenzuela and Monica Valluri and Mariana Vargas-Maga{\~n}a and Licia Verde and Alistair R. Walker and Jiali Wang and Yuting Wang and Benjamin Alan Weaver and Curtis Weaverdyck and Risa H. Wechsler and David H. Weinberg and Martin S. White and Qian Yang and Christophe Y{\`e}che and Tianmeng Zhang and Gong-Bo Zhao and Yi Zheng and Xu Zhou and Zhimin Zhou and Yaling Zhu and Hu Zou and Ying Li Zu},
Author(s): Collaboration, DESI; Aghamousa, A; Aguilar, J; Ahlen, S; Alam, S; Allen, LE; Prieto, CA; Annis, J; Bailey, S; Balland, C; Ballester, O; Baltay, C; Beaufore, L; Bebek, C; Beers, TC; Bell, EF; Bernal, JL; Besuner, R; Beutler, F; Blake, C; Bleuler, H; Blomqvist, M; Blum, R; Bolton, AS; Briceno, C; Brooks, D; Brownstein, JR; Buckley-Geer, E; Burden, A; Burtin, E; Busca, NG; Cahn, RN; Cai, Y-C; Cardiel-Sas, L; Carlberg, RG; Carton, P-H; Casas, R; Castander, FJ; Cervantes-Cota, JL… CONTINUE READING

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