The D-xylose test in coeliac disease.

  title={The D-xylose test in coeliac disease.},
  author={Hedvig Bod{\'a}nszky and Kinga M Horv{\'a}th and Gabriel Horn},
  journal={Acta paediatrica Hungarica},
  volume={24 1},
The results of more than 500 D-xylose loading tests are described. In almost half of the cases proven or suspected to be coeliac disease, the blood xylose level was low. In 69 patients the result was compared to that of small bowel biopsy. Abnormal levels were found in 98% of total or subtotal villous atrophy. It is therefore suggested to apply the test for screening in severe cases. Since with increasing age the absorption of xylose improves, this is to be considered when evaluating the test… CONTINUE READING
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