The Cyber Space and Information, Communication and Technology: A Tool for Westernization or Orientalism or Both

  title={The Cyber Space and Information, Communication and Technology: A Tool for Westernization or Orientalism or Both},
  author={Ahmad Rizal Mohd Yusof and Mohamad Fauzi Sukimi and Solahuddin Ismail and Zaheruddin Bin Othman},
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Problem statement: The role of ICT and cyberspace and their existence have become prevalent popular phenomena to the extent that they are perceived to have the potential for transforming the world and launch it into a Digital era. The advent and advancement of ICT and cyberspace has also facilitated the globalization process and is used as an integrative tool, making the presence of the ‘global village’ evident. However, we as the end user of ICT has never thought about the advent of ICT and… 

Security Assessment of Libyan Government Websites

The security level of the Libyan government websites are adequate, but can be further improved, however, immediate actions need to be taken to mitigate possible cyber attacks by fixing the vulnerabilities and implementing SSL encryption.



Knowledge hubs and knowledge clusters: Designing a knowledge architecture for development.

With globalisation and knowledge-based production, firms may cooperate on a global scale, outsource parts of their administrative or productive units and negate location altogether. The extremely low

Study of the Flow Structure of A Thermal Plume Evolving in an Unlimited and in A Semi-Enclosed Environment

The basic objective of this study was to better knowledge the fine flow structure of thermal plume created by a heated disk, evolving in an unlimited and in a semi-enclosed environment. The flow

Hitchhikers guide to the Internet

This RFC is being distributed to members of the Internet community in order to make available some "hints" which will allow new network participants to understand how the direction of the Internet is

Enhancing and Diversifying ATMA's Databases to Ensure Sustainability

ABSTRAK Ekoran daripada peningkatan minat dalam pengajian Dunia Melayu di seluruh dunia, lebih-lebih lagi perubahan dalam kepengarahan ATMA pada April 1999, kami di ATMA telah diberi peluang untuk

Architecture for Combined Energy and Attitude Control System

Combining the energy and attitude control system is a feasible technology for small satellites to improve the space missions. In this Combined Energy and Attitude Control System (CEACS) a double

Design of Multi-Valued Quaternary Based Analog-to-Digital Converter

The ADC design was suitable for the needs of mixed-signal integrated circuit design and can be implemented as a conversion circuit for systems based on multiple-valued logic design.

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