The Cumacean (Crustacea: Peracarida) Genus Petalosarsia (Pseudocumatidae) from the Pacific Ocean

  title={The Cumacean (Crustacea: Peracarida) Genus Petalosarsia (Pseudocumatidae) from the Pacific Ocean},
  author={Tadashi Akiyama and Sarah Gerken},
The distribution of the cumacean family Pseudocumatidae is restricted to the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and brackishwaters of the Pont-Caspian region, except for three known species of the genus Petalosarsia. The present study describes ninespecies of Petalosarsia from Japanese waters, the Sulu Sea, the North-west Pacific, the Indo-West Pacific, and the Tasman Sea,Australia. The occurrence of P. declivis (Sars, 1865) in northern Hokkaido agrees with the reported circumpolar distribution… 
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Correlation between phylogenetic relationships of the new genus and the geological history of the Canarian archipelago points to a probable origin of this endemism: the subfamily Mancocumatinae show a disjunct distribution on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, a pattern which has been associated with fauna of Tethyan origin.
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