The Culture of Narcissism Revisited: Transformations of Narcissism in Contemporary Psychospirituality

  title={The Culture of Narcissism Revisited: Transformations of Narcissism in Contemporary Psychospirituality},
  author={Ann Gleig},
  journal={Pastoral Psychology},
  • Ann Gleig
  • Published 1 February 2010
  • Psychology
  • Pastoral Psychology
In this paper, I trace the debate over narcissism in deinstitutionalized and heavily psychologized spiritualities. First, I summarize how Sigmund Freud’s discussion with Romain Rolland about the “oceanic feeling” established the classical psychoanalytic view of mysticism as a regression to primary narcissism. Second, I review how Heinz Kohut’s radical reconceptualization of narcissism has played a seminal role in socio-cultural interpretations of modern psychologized spirituality. Third, I… 
Loving Thyself: A Kohutian Interpretation of a “Limited” Mature Narcissism in Evangelical Megachurches
It is argued that American evangelical megachurches fail to mitigate “the narcissism epidemic” in the dominant secular culture, and Evangelicals achieve creativity, empathy, transience, humor, and wisdom, in part, but their ideological frameworks, organizational characteristics, and beliefs challenge a transformation to mature narcissism.
Mysticism, Motherhood, and Pathological Narcissism? A Kohutian Analysis of Marie de l’Incarnation
  • M. Dunn
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2013
It is argued that filtered through the lens of Kohutian self-psychology, Marie de l’Incarnation emerges as a pathological narcissist and the decision to abandon Claude symptomatic of a narcissistic grandiosity.
Yoga and the Pedagogy of Enlightenment : Exploring the role of the modern Yoga teacher
This study inspired by a hermeneutic premise, aims to explore the role of the modern Yoga teacher and the pedagogy employed by individuals who teach Yoga. Yoga is here acknowledged as a vast concept;
Performing meditation : Vipassana and Zen as technologies of the self
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    Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic
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