The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media by José Van Dijck

  title={The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media by Jos{\'e} Van Dijck},
  author={Heather Paquette},
  journal={Technical Communication Quarterly},
  pages={192 - 195}
  • Heather Paquette
  • Published 6 February 2015
  • Sociology
  • Technical Communication Quarterly
In the context of forming and maintaining connections, the use of social media has become pervasive in today’s society. Some use it to actively cultivate business relationships and follow or set industry trends. Others use it to keep up with their network of friends in an online environment, through social platforms or gaming sites. Still others use it because they feel pressure to connect in this manner, either overtly from well-meaning friends and colleagues, or implicitly because ‘‘everyone… 

Followers, Spread the Message! Predicting the Success of Swiss Politicians on Facebook and Twitter

Analyzing a data set of personal, structural, and social media characteristics of Swiss politicians, path analysis is used to determine which predict their success on Facebook and Twitter; politicians, who are active in parliament, represent urban regions and receive substantial amounts of traditional media coverage also have larger digital followerships on both platforms.

Baking Gender Into Social Media Design: How Platforms Shape Categories for Users and Advertisers

It is argued that this intermediary role entrusts social media platforms with a considerable degree of control over the generation of broader categorization systems, which can be wielded to shape the perceived needs and desires of both users and advertising clients.

Digitizing localism: Anticipating, assembling and animating a ‘space’ for UK hyperlocal media production

This article presents an unconventional view of media production, not as the direct production of media content or forms, but the cultivation of spaces for media production taking place elsewhere. I

Facebook and the Fun of Drinking Photos: Reproducing Gendered Regimes of Power

Young adults regularly engage in heavy drinking episodes with friends and share these practices via digital images and ongoing interactions on social media. This study explored the meanings and

From Mediatized Emotion to Digital Affect Cultures: New Technologies and Global Flows of Emotion

Research on the processes of mediatization aims to explore the mutual shaping of media and social life and how new media technologies influence and infiltrate social practices and cultural life. We

A Snapshot of Social Media: Camera Phone Practices

The role of camera phones in issues of intimacy and co-presence in visual social media is discussed, and some of the key debates emerging aroundVisual social media are discussed.

Social Media, Digital Self, and Privacy: A Socio-Analytical Perspective of the Consumer as the Digital Avatar

  • A. Venkatesh
  • Business
    Journal of the Association for Consumer Research
  • 2016
We live in a high-tech world. The diffusion of computing technology into every aspect of human life is a major development in recent history. In less than a decade, we have seen rapid evolution of