The Culture and Business of Cross-Media Productions

  title={The Culture and Business of Cross-Media Productions},
  author={Espen Aarseth},
  journal={Popular Communication},
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Risk-adverse producers and investors seek to capitalize on marketing by co-launching concepts through multiple media: the game, film, novel, animated movie, T-shirt, action figure, perfume, amusement park ride, and so on. In this article, I explore the relation between such media content and cross-media production. Furthermore, I critically discuss the implications for cultural theory and present a model of cross-media content transfer. The model shows what must be left behind in content… 
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A media mix is a commercial strategy to spread content across a variety of media to stimulate the consumption of these media with the character at its heart, and is particularly common in Japan.
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As the digital and media convergence era hits its full stride and media companies struggle to maintain profitability in sectors of the entertainment industry, the production of transmedia experiences
Developing a Design Process for Cross-Media Productions in Cultural Services: A View of Value Migration
The findings show the key value of these three creations and reveal that the major three gaps in value migration for consumers are sense, aesthetic, and historical value in turn for the cross-media production from novel to musical.
Call for expressions of interest for editor-in-chief, Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture
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Serial Narrative, Intertextuality, and the Role of Audiences in the Creation of a Franchise: An Analysis of the Indiana Jones Saga from a Cross-Media Perspective
Rather than the simple adaptation of a story across different media, cross-media narrative should be defined as that which is transformed by virtue of use a medium and its different languages (film,


Transmedial worlds - rethinking cyberworld design
It is argued that applying the concept of transmedial worlds to the analysis of cyberworlds can reveal interesting results, as well as being a useful tool for designers of cyber worlds to plan their content.
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