The Cultural Front: Power and Culture in Revolutionary Russia.

  title={The Cultural Front: Power and Culture in Revolutionary Russia.},
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Several Bridges Too Far: A Commentary on Richard S. Prawat’s “Dewey Meets the ‘Mozart of Psychology’ in Moscow: The Untold Story,” in American Educational Research Journal, Fall 2000
L'article reproduit une critique d'une recherche proposee dans l'American Education Research Journal en 2000 portant sur la rencontre probable de Dewey et de Vygotsky au cours de laquelle les deux
The Soviet Reception of Selma Lagerlöf
Abstract The focus of this paper is Selma Lagerlöf’s literary presence in Soviet Russia. Despite being one of the most translated and published foreign authors in pre-revolutionary times, Lagerlöf
Postsocialism, the psy-ences and mental health
This essay argues for a closer articulation between the social science and historical literature on socialism and its “posts” and the literature among anthropologists, sociologists, and historians on the sciences of the mind and brain, and suggests that each of these literatures helps to critically open up and enrich the other.
The Soviet Educational Project: The Eradication of Adult Illiteracy in the 1920s–1930s
The article analyzes the constituent steps and measures of the Soviet campaign to eradicate illiteracy among adults in the 1920s–30s. A comparison of educational and ideological aspects of this
Class, culture and political representation of the native in Russia and East Central Europe: Paving the way for the New Right?
In the current Russian political landscape, there are no political forces that would fully qualify as part of the New Right. The political regime that took shape during Vladimir Putin’s presidency
Contemporary state cultural policy in Russia: organization, political discourse and ceremonial behavior
ABSTRACT This paper examines the transformations of contemporary cultural policy in the Russian Federation on three basic levels: organizational, politico-discursive, and legislative. It also
From Missionaries of Socialism to Spies of Imperialism: The Shifting Position of Soviet Women in Communist Albania
After the establishment of the communist regime in Albania, many Albanian students, mainly males, went to study in the Mecca of Revolution—the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). Many of them
Rethinking Transition: Bettelheim and Linhart on the New Economic Policy
In the 1960s and 1970s, both Robert Linhart and Charles Bettelheim turned to assessing the Soviet New Economic Policy as part of their attempts to theorize a transition to socialism. This essay
Introduction: The Middle Class in Post-socialist Europe: Ethnographies of Its “Good Life”
In this special section, drawing from ethnographic research undertaken in Estonia, Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria between 2013 and 2017, we argue that in post-socialist Europe the notions of “middle
Russian-speaking immigrants in Canada : belonging, political subjectivity, and struggle for recognition
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