The Cult of the Virgin and Gothic Sculpture: Evaluating Opposition in the Chartres West Facade Capital Frieze

  title={The Cult of the Virgin and Gothic Sculpture: Evaluating Opposition in the Chartres West Facade Capital Frieze},
  author={L. Spitzer},
  pages={132 - 150}
In the major literature on Gothic sculpture the new prominence of images of the Virgin Mary on mid-twelfth and thirteenth-century French church facades is associated with the newly increasing devotion to the cult of the Virgin in the twelfth century. The west facade of Chartres cathedral has played a central role in this interpretation. In particular, the narrative capital cycle that winds around all three portals would seem to offer invaluable evidence of the importance of the cult of the… Expand
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        The charter is cited in L6pinois and Merlet, Cartulaire, I, 70; also cited in Delaporte, Les Trois Notre-Dame, 85. The text of the consecration of the church to the Virgin is cited by Jusselin
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