The Cult of Hu Tianbao and the Eighteenth-Century Discourse of Homosexuality.

  title={The Cult of Hu Tianbao and the Eighteenth-Century Discourse of Homosexuality.},
  author={Michael Andor Szonyi},
  journal={Late Imperial China},
  pages={1 - 25}
  • M. Szonyi
  • Published 1 June 1998
  • Sociology
  • Late Imperial China
On 4 September 2020, Disney released a remake of its 1998 hit animation, yet the film Mulan fails to replicate its success in the Chinese market this time, as reflected by its box office and online
Seeking Pleasure in Peril: Male Same-Sex Relations during the Cultural Revolution
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    positions: asia critique
  • 2022
Abstract:This article is part of a larger research project that traces the history of male same-sex relations in China during the Mao era, a topic on which virtually no scholarship is currently
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Tongzhi Tales in Mainland China: Chinese Gay Male Subjectivities in Online Comrade Literature
i ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ii TABLE OF CONTENTS iv INTRODUCTION 1 [Comrade Literature: Private Homoerotic Experiences in Public Discursive Space] 1 [The Comrade Subculture: On Defining “Tongzhi”] 5 [Cultural
Chinese Comrade Literature, Queer Political Reality, and the Tongzhi Movement in Mainland China
Injustice: homosexual individual estranged due to oppressive intangible and omnipresent forces Allows readers to see themselves as victims and recognize how their rights have been violated by an
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Introduction Part I. Gender, Sexuality, and the State: 1. Family and state: the separation of the sexes 2. Traffic in women and the problem of single men 3. Gender relations in politics and law Part
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This chapter introduces the political history of the K'ang-hsi reign under six broad topical headings. They are: the accession to power of the young emperor; his reunification of the realm; his


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My involvement with this topic began more than a decade ago when, as a graduate student doing dissertation research on Chinese piracy of the early nineteenth century, I found myself coming across
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First published in 1956. Arthur Waley here presents an engrossing account of the works and life of Yuan Mei (1716-1797), the best-known poet of his time. Gaiety is the keynote of his works and the
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A collection of 30 essays which explore homosexuality in various cultures, and different eras, from late imperial China and Renaissance Italy to "Jazz-Age" America and from London to Harlem and