The Cuban operculate land mollusks of the family Annulariidae, exclusive of the sub-family Chondropominae

  title={The Cuban operculate land mollusks of the family Annulariidae, exclusive of the sub-family Chondropominae},
  author={Carlos de la Torre y Huerta and Bartsch},
In the introduction to our monogi'aph on "The Cuban Operculate Land Shells of the Subfamily Chondropominae" ^ we gave a general historic account of the work preceding our effort. The statements made there apply equally to the present paper. Weare considering here the remaining subfamilies of the family Annulariidae known to inhabit Cuba, namely, the Rhytidopominae, Adamsiellinae, and Annulariinae. The differentiations which the members of this family have undergone in Cuba are extraordinary and… Expand
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